We’ve all surely heard some variation of the expression, “The Cobbler’s children have no shoes”. Well, I admit, I’m guilty. I can market everyone else’s business without a problem and frankly, I actually enjoy it. But I dread working on my own. I hate writing my own content, breaking down what I do in a way that answers the questions I get asked most. I remember when I created my first website. It was agonizing. I was overthinking everything!

On the other hand, it was a great reminder to me of why I do what I do. As a marketing professional, I find that the majority of business owners are too close to the subject to effectively market their own service or product. It often takes a fresh set of eyes to see it objectively. To quote another well-known expression, we “can’t see the forest through the trees”. They let subpar marketing languish too long, trying to go it alone, or perhaps procrastinating to the point that they do nothing at all.

We business owners know what we want to tell everyone, but often that’s not the thing that people need or want to know. We also fail to understand how those outside our industry perceive it. The things we find most basic may not be basic to them at all. Our opinion of our trade may not match that of the general public.

Someone on the outside sees our business from the perspective of the average person, the good, the bad and the ugly. We are too close to it, too biased, to see it as others do and we know too much about the industry to realize how little others understand it.

This is what I do every day and yet I struggled with my own. For those who don’t work in marketing, I know it is even more of a challenge. It’s ok to seek professional outside help in any trade. The results are much better and take a fraction of the time to complete. After all, you wouldn’t cut your own hair would you? Give me a call. I’m happy to help.